Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My main Blog is over there...

Thanks to for all the wonderful comments. I should have just followed my intuition and posted it yesterday, lol because I feel the same way as most of you. A few felt I should hang on to it for a while, but as I sort of live in the moment with polymer clay and never stick to one particular way of doing things and as I continually strive to create something new and quickly move on, well, I might as well share.
 My main blog is Polymer Clay Bytes! but I keep hanging on to this one, lol...

So, I've posted the Tutorial on my ArtFire. I will list it elsewhere, but ArtFire is so simple both for listing as well as purchasing from, so I started there.

Here is the Tutorial LINK


Beadwright said...

These are awesome. From the photo they look like enamel. Very nice.

ILHAM A.M said...

waw this good blog

i'am blogger from indonesia
salam kenal..

Mark said...

Even though I liked your old page design much more ... and I do not use Blogger ... this is an excellent post!